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Product is an evolving field. In the past decade, three distinct flavours of the product team have begun to emerge: the Core Product team, the Platform Product team and the Growth Product team. Understanding what these teams do and how their goals differ is an essential framing for anyone in…


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Network effects have become a staple of the digital age, underpinning the value propositions of products as varied as operating systems, eCommerce apps and social networks. Many of the same principles apply to strategy and business model design.

What is a network effect?

Networks are systems of interconnected things. A network effect is when the…


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DDeveloping and executing a winning strategy is hard. It is a messy, iterative and often experimental process. It must unify multiple considerations from the business opportunity, competitive dynamics and game-theoretic assumptions about how markets will respond. However, many businesses fall foul of a more basic pitfall: unintentionally not doing strategy…

The Complete Product Strategy Guide — Part 2

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An organisation’s ability to define and execute a winning strategy is fundamental to their enduring success. However, “doing strategy” is fraught with challenges. Perhaps the hardest to overcome is cascading a strategy throughout an organisation.

For product leaders, this challenge can be particularly acute: how do you create direction and…

The Complete Product Strategy Guide — Part 1

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For leaders within many organisations, “strategy” is one of the most challenging aspects of the role. Aligning a team around a vision and empowering them to deliver is hard. It becomes exponentially harder when you must also align yourself within the shifting sands of a corporate structure. …

The Open Source Product Manager

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Ten years ago, I moved to Australia from the UK to start a new job (and take up a new sport). The job, as a strategy consultant, put me on a path which wound its way from mine sites to websites and ultimately my current role as a product manager…

The Open Source Product Manager

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The digital world is increasingly becoming freemium and self-service — from Atlassian to Zoom via the New York Times, Medium and Spotify. As a result, generating revenue is often becoming a core component of the product experience, and squarely within the remit of the product team. But where does one…

The Open Source Product Manager

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The product manager is an important role within any technology company. In the most clinical terms, they help organisations discover and build the right products, ultimately seeking to ensure the effort expended by engineers returns a multiple in business value back to their organisation. …

The Open Source Product Manager

Drawing of a telescope pointing at stars, with 1 star bigger than the rest.
Image by Julian Connor

What is a North Star Metric?

The North Star Metric is the one metric which best captures the core value your product delivers for your customers and users. It is invaluable in helping product teams remain focused on delivering long-term value in the face of a constant flow of new ideas, feature requests, cool technology and…

Julian Connor

Product at Atlassian. Ex. SafetyCulture, Domain, Indeed & the Guardian. Recovering strategy consultant. @julianconnor on Twitter.

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